Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'm Moving! Again!

Yeah, I'm sick to death of Lady Gaga and her lyrics and the fact that, as I've mentioned before, this title has nothing really to do with me. So I'm moving again! All posts will be moved and this will stay up for a bit, but then it's going away. The new blog is still totally boring, but it has my half marathon race recap (yay!) and will be getting a makeover soon. So get your butts over to Oh Liza Jane for more me. 'Cause I know you can never get enough.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Healthy Halloween?

For years I haven't bothered with handing out candy at Halloween. First I lived in NOLA, where I went to Frenchman each year for the best Halloween street party in the South. Later I lived in an apartment building, then another. So this year was the first year that I would have actual trick-or-treaters, and despite my general lack of skill when interacting with the wee ones, I was pretty excited. My stepmother turned out to be excited too, and volunteered to come over with my father and help out. I decided to buy a ton of candy, but she told me that she thought kids would choose healthy snacks if given the chance. I scoffed, and she proposed an experiment.

The Hypothesis: Given the choice between healthy snacks and more traditional Halloween treats, kids would choose healthy snacks at least as often as candy.

The Supplies: On the unhealthy side, about 200 pieces of candy ranging from Blow Pops to Snickers bars, about 10 choices in all. On the healthy side, snack-size bags of Goldfish and small, pre-packaged bags of Granny Smith slices.

The Experimenters: Me, dressed as a giant taco. My stepmother, in a mustard bottle costume. My father, dressed as a giant bottle of ketchup (and occasionally dancing in the middle of the street to attract subjects).

The Results: Of 62 kids in all (we live on a side street. I may have overbought), the results were split right down the middle. 31 kids chose candy, 20 chose the Goldfish, and 11 chose apple slices. In most cases they knew what they wanted right away, and needless to say I was a little shocked.

The next day the candy went right to work with the boyfriend (well, most of it), and the Goldfish and apple slices stayed with me. Guess I fall in the healthy group too, except for those 6 Butterfingers I scarfed in about 24 hours.

At least they were snack size, right?

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cleaning House

We may have officially moved a week and a half ago, but due to the insane amount of time that it took us, there's still a smattering of random stuff and a LOT of cleaning to do in our old place. So that's what I'm doing today - driving back to DC with the boyfriend to pack it up, clean it out, and see some friends. Tonight is dinner with the lovely ladies of S3oo and tomorrow we're taking our across-the-hall neighbors out for dinner to thank them for TONS of help in moving large pieces of furniture and smushing it into the truck. Seriously, we may otherwise have packed until midnight, especially with the thumb incident.

So of course I woke up this morning feeling totally blah...tired, despite sleeping until 10, anxious, and generally MYEH. I hate those days that I wake up feeling icky, because my anxiety kicks in and I convince myself that I'm probably dying. Usually of leukemia - this is totally ridiculous, but I read one of those One Last Wish books (all about dying people) when I was a tween and it featured a girl with leukemia. It came on with tiredness and easy bruising, so clearly that's my problem. Ugh. Those books should have been banned from my reading list before I got a chance to take them off of the bookshelf. Not good for a hypochondriac. I posed the question "Ugh, baby, why do I feel so wonky?" And usually the answer is "I don't know. Why don't you have some tea?" Heh. But today, the answer was perfect - we're going to spend time doing something that we should have been finished with a week ago; we're going to spend all day doing it; it's more driving and packing. But, "we also get to spend a fun drive together and see two good sets of friends, and honestly it probably won't take all day." And just like that, I felt better. Thanks darling!

Anyways lovelies, it's back to DC for me. I promise to do a 101 things post soon to update on my progress (and to remove something from the list that I've realized I so DON'T want to do). Hope your Halloween weekend is going well!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Quick Update

I am moved in! The move itself was a little crazy, not that they're ever easy. The first day, which was supposed to be a piece of cake because we were so well prepared, took 8 hours. Oof. And the boyfriend crushed his thumb, making it nearly unusable the next day, so the next day was rather complicated. I ended up moving 90% of the truck with one of his friends (go me!), but it only took 5 hours. Go figure. Now we're just living among boxes until we can get the closet room (!) set up. Anyway, the house. It's fantastic. It's on a quiet little street in Lancaster, with the exception of the school kids who walk by every morning at 7:30. Note to school kids: it's 7:30. Use your indoor voices. It has a dining room, living room, BIG kitchen, three bedrooms upstairs, a finished attic, and a partially finished basement. Plus, it came with a huge grill, which makes me super excited, and we have kind of a giant backyard. I love living downtown, and I love drinking a glass of wine on the back steps on a pretty evening.

Lemme see, what else? The half-marathon training is going well, although my ankle is CRANKY. I got some new shoes today, so hopefully that will help a little bit. Seriously though, why do they discontinue my shoe design every time I want to buy new ones? Anyway...

Oh, and a new blog that I'm loving is Oh She Glows. It has a ton of vegan recipes, but I don't think that you need to be a vegan to love it (I'm not). It's just healthy, natural stuff and the girl who writes it is really charming.

That's about it for now. I'm roasting another chicken this week, so I'll have a 101 update soon.

Monday, October 18, 2010

#21, Done

The real post on my accomplishment will have to wait until after we've moved (tomorrow) and gotten the internet hooked up (who knows), but in the meantime I can say that I have accomplished one of my 101 things (well, 20-something things right now, but more to come). I roasted a whole chicken! It actually turned out really great - tasty and moist (ugh, how I hate that word), and I made mashed potatoes and included homemade bread from the boyfriend, so it was like a mini Thanksgiving. Anyway, I felt like a cooking bad ass when my golden, crispy-skinned chicken came out of the oven, and the house smelled amazing. More on what I did and photos to come. In the meantime, wish me luck on the move!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Keep It Coming

21. Roast a chicken - true, many of my 101 things involve cooking, but as the boyfriend says "You have to master the bird." I feel like it's like a souffle - one of those things that you have to conquer before you can really call yourself a cook.

22. Rehab a piece of furniture - ever since I stumbled on an old friend's roommate's ReadyMade book, I've been totally into this idea. I now get the magazine too, so the DIY fever has increased. I'm thinking a table for the kitchen would be fun and relatively easy for a crafty newbie.

23. Start taking real pictures - I'm always really impressed with the people that can make everyday things look beautiful. This may involve some photography classes, but it would be great to turn the "wow, that would make an incredible photo" into "wow, that's actually a great photo."

Saturday, September 25, 2010

101 in 1001

Well, this post is going to take a while to type. I'm totally stealing this idea from Fug Girl Heather's personal blog, Dancing Brave, because it seems like such a good way to be sure that I actually accomplish things that I talk about doing all the time, and also because when I complete one I can post about it and, hopefully, be less boring than I have been of late. The problem will likely be coming up with 101 things, because much like Christmas and birthday lists, I am suddenly at kind of a loss. Thus, I will be posting in bits and pieces as I think of stuff. So, without further ado, the start of a 1001 day long to-do list, which will take me to June 22, 2013 (I think. That was sorta hard to add up. It's 2 years, one a leap year, plus 270 days):

1. Run a half marathon - this should be fairly simple. Not the running 13 miles part, but the making myself do it part, since I've already signed up for one. November 6, here I come.

2. Run a whole marathon - why not?

3. Go scuba diving - I'm sort of scared of coral. Also open water. I feel like an intruder, and am convinced that something will come out and bite me. At least with scuba, you have the protection of a wetsuit rather than just my bikini-exposed skin.

4. Take a real vacation, just me and the boyfriend - we have never, in over 7 years, been on a real vacation just the two of us. It seems like something we should have done by now.

5. Hike Old Rag in VA - I was going to go this weekend, but my friend and I decided we were feeling too lazy yesterday to drive two hours each way.

6. Find and purchase a cute pair of glasses - do I need glasses? No. Is that the point? No. I just want them, and so I shall have them.

7. Get a job. A real job - star light, star bright, this is what I wish for every night.

8. Successfully execute the Smith Island Cake - 12 layers = impressive and pretty.

9. Furnish my apartment so that it finally looks the way I want it to - you would think that this would be easy, but I've never managed to actually decorate a place so that I really, really liked it. I think I have a chance with the new place, since it has three usable bedrooms plus a basement and attic, thus less clutter.

10. Get a dog - I've wanted a dog for years now, and the new place actually allows them, with no silly weight restrictions.

11. Finish reading Lolita - I have started this book approximately 12 times. I have never finished it.

12. Learn to sew enough that I can actually make myself things - right now I can pretty much just take in simple things, like turning regular jeans into skinny jeans.

13. Master a good vegetarian lasagna - I cannot for the life of me seem to make a good veggie lasagna. It is always watery. Always.

14. Relearn Spanish - I say relearn because I took it for seven years. The fact that I just let it go is rather shameful. Plus, I was told yesterday it would practically guarantee me a job at the office I'm interested in.

15. Learn to ride a motorcycle - my sister says she'll go with me. This way, we will both be badasses.

16. Talk the boyfriend out of buying a 73" TV - because, really, why do you need that much screen?

17. Buy my own grill - after my first grilling experience last summer I am now fully obsessed.

18. Attend an NFL game - I've never been to more than a college game, and while those have their place, it's not the same.

19. Finally get the abs I want - that is to say, firm and flat and defined but not all scary and cracked out looking like Madonna's arms.

20. Bake a souffle: I'm a good cook, but I feel like this is one of those things that really marks you as a good cook, because it's all fluffy and complicated. Plus, I have a recipe for a leek and cheese souffle that sounds delectable.
Header Image by Colorpiano Illustration